Where to eat

The enogastronomic offer is maternal and wide and of good standard everywhere, often a reason to visit beyond the historical and artistic beauties of the place.
All restaurant are generally oh good level, but we still provide this little guide written according to our taste, for a first orientation regarding the city’s supply, grossly divided for spending bands. We would love to write it together, if you have visited one of these places or want to report others, please contact us.
We recommend booking with a certain advance in high season.

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vizi angeli

Materan people never run, but street food has always been the consumer favourite food. Bakeries and bars often offer tables and chairs to consume the purchased food. If you are hungry, or if you want to have lunch or dine without spending a lot, we recommend buying a good hot focaccia in one of the bakeries in Matera (always ask for a hot piece!). Alternatively you can eat a panzerotto, the best of which is certainly produced by Bar Sottozero, a true town institution for stuffed fried pasta. You can eat the best “puccia” (a sort of sandwich made with pasta of pizza and stuffed with local products) of the city to Quattro Quarti (via Ascanio Persio, 25). There are also a number of pizzerias that offer cutting pizza: we recommend those a little further away from the center: the pizzeria “Altra Pizza” (via Pentasuglia, 39) near the Villa Comunale, for example. If it is time for a good ice cream, the best are the ice cream I vizi degli angeli” (via Ridola, 36) known for its elaborate and imaginative flavors, and the most traditional”L’orchidea” ice-cream shop in via Roma.

In all of these cases a good supper (or lunch replacement) will cost you no more than 4-5 euros per person, including drink.

oi mari
If the cut pizza is a too frugal meal and instead want to have a pizza at the table, you will find a lot of pizzerias in Matera. Generally the pizza is thin and crunchy. Some of the restaurants listed below also serve pizza (La Talpa, Stone, La Pignata, Paolangelo). To these we add the Pizzeria il Moro (vico IV Cappelluti, 2), a historic restaurant of Matera, now exclusively pizzeria, with fresh and large external dehors and, just outside the city; in the La Martella district – builted during the Sassi depopulation in the 50s and 60s – the Poeta Contadino (Piazza della Concordia, Ecopolis Village). If you prefer the neapolitan pizza, this place is yours: Oi Mari (Via Fiorentini, 66), in the heart of the Sassi.

You will spend from 10 to 15 euros per head.


padella alla brace

Good value-for-money restaurants are: Dalla padella alla brace (via Ridola, 71) and the nearby Trattoria Paolangelo (Via Duni, 14) and Trattoria La Pignata (via Duni, 16/20), all three near the Palazzo Lanfranchi Museum.

The bill will be about 15-20 euros per head.



Some quality restaurants are in the Sassi. We recommend the Trattoria del Caveoso (via B. Buozzi, 21), the Ristorante 900 (via S. Stefano 21) at the entrance of Sasso Barisano, the Ristorante Le Botteghe (Piazzetta San Pietro Barisano, 22 ), which specializes in grilled meats, La Talpa (via Fiorentini, 167) with its pleasing external court and and last the but not least the Stone (via San Biagio, 23) with its eccentric furniture that combines tradition and modernity.

The spending will be around 20-30 euros per head.

For a special and unforgettable evening, we recommend Dimora Ulmo (Via Pennino, 28), a new gourmet restaurant from Massimo Bottura school, the Osteria Pico (via Fiorentini, 42) in the heart of the Sasso Barisano, and if your tired about meat flavours the Ristorante Alle Fornaci (Piazza Firrao, 7) near the municipal villa, where you can eat the best fish dishes of the city. In these cases the account is a bit higher than the average, but the quality of the preparations, the refinement of the raw materials and the service justify the price. Often the owners of these premises are invited to show their recipes in well-known italian television program.

Consider spending over € 40 per head.

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